Friday, August 8, 2014

Some things I've made

I haven't been making many cards the last couple of years (since I stopped going to Stampin Up classes) but I usually have managed to make some stuff with MDS (which is My Design Studio 2), the Stampin' Up card software. I got it at a good bargain and it's quite usable. I whipped this up to use as a Christmas card last year:
(This actually ended up being sort of a hybrid, because I printed out the card fronts 4-up, as above, and then I cut them apart and mounted them on white bases. They looked quite nice.)

Then, since I hadn't sent out as many cards as I had intended, but Christmas was suddenly gone by, I made up some New Year's cards. I think the basic design of this one came from a template, but I adapted the middle section to make it look like I wanted it to look.