Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Card kits & stamp pads

Note first that I've started using the "large" type size, which looks pretty big on the editing screen, but not excessively big on the blog (different font). I don't know if everybody else is seeing what I'm seeing, though. If anybody thinks it's annoying feel free to chime in in the comments. I know at least a few people are reading my entries!

I ordered the Simon Says Stamps December card kit on a whim because it looks like it has really useful stuff in it. I generally don't do subscription card kits because I found that I just didn't use them enough. (I still have pie-shaped boxes from last year hanging around - those were in a Paper Pumpkin kit and they're adorable but I just didn't really have any particular use for them. If I remember next year maybe I'll put candy in them and give them out to co-workers or something. Last year there were candy bags the month before that and I did use every one of those.)

Here's the stamp set that's in the SSS kit:
It looked like it had things I'd actually want use in it. Plus there are stickers and papers and sequins and such.

I have more new stamp pads: I ordered from Inspiration Emporium on the last day before the class coupon codes expired - they had the spring Distress colors marked down to $10 & change for the set of three, which seemed like a good deal. And I also added "Seedless Preserves" to the order, because one thing I found out from swatching all my stamp pads was that I don't have many purples. I also did a small Stampin' Up order and replaced my contaminated Real Red pad (which was an old-style one anyway) and also got an Old Olive one, because all I had was a Spot (mini) and I seem to end up using it a lot. And I also threw in some washi tape because it was on sale and I'm (newly-again) obsessed with washi tape lately.

(That still leaves the old-and-glitter-contaminated Cherry Cobbler pad - darker red - but I haven't wanted to use it so far this year, so I'll save replacing that til later. I just wish I remembered what I was thinking when I got glitter all over both my holiday-red stamp pads!)

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