Wednesday, December 23, 2015

December SSS kit

This is a card I made with the paper and stickers from the December card kit (which is apparently not sold out yet as I write this on 12/23):
I keep thinking of ways I could have improved it, but it went to a child, and he's not likely to be picky about it, so I need to just let it go!

Under the cut are some cards I did not make - these are some cards from Simon Says Stamp's website, and I'm putting them here because I imagine they will disappear from the website at some point in the future and I want to be sure I can find them again when I'm ready to make cards for next year. (I only got around to making a couple of cards from the kit, so I've got lots of stuff left.)

(Another adorable idea done with a stamp set I have is this geometric thing, done by one of the ladies below. That one would work all year round, I think.)

Not mine!
The idea of the stockings-in-a-row I want to remember in particular. Again, not made by me, made by Heather Ruwe for SSS. (Added: I poked around her website til I found the exact entry that has this card - here. There's a different angle and some notes about the making of it.)

(And a different take on the stockings here.)

Also not made by me:
I don't think I have an oval-shaped die, maybe that's something I need to think about getting. But I definitely didn't use the sticker with the deer, so I still have that to use. This one didn't have a website on it but it looks like it was made by this Virginia. (When you try to google that you get many many variations on "Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus"!) Apparently this same lady also runs this challenge blog. (and here's the deer card plus a tree card that I also really liked)

Added: here's another adorable sticker card. I used "peace & joy" already (see above) but I'm pretty sure I didn't use the tree.

And a third one, also NOT made by me:
Cartoon animals are not so much my thing, but this is cute. Apparently it's from the same lady as the one above. (Here's the link for that one.)

Yet another idea with the papers from the kit.

And I just want to emphasize again, that except for the one at the top I did not make any of these and I am definitely not trying to claim credit! They're only here because I like them and I have the supplies so I want to be able to do something along these lines later on.

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